Valley Goldmine Makes Fundraising Easy, Profitable and Fun

“Valley Goldmine made this highly effective fundraiser simple to coordinate.  Not one parent had to donate and we raised over $2,000 for our school in one day.”

C. Diane Bishop , School Superintendent 

“Valley Goldmine helped coordinate the Breast Cancer Research Fundraiser and provided us with everything we needed.  The ladies in the club had a wonderful time attending and they couldn’t believe how much money they received.”

Sara Stablein, Lead Tennis Instructor

“This fundraiser was easier than a McDonald’s night, very profitable, and parents loved it.  Not one parent had to spend a dime.  It truly was a win-win situation for everybody.  Parents actually thanked me for having it.”

Casey George, Principal

“People are very happy, surprised  and pleased about what they get … in this day and age we need different kinds of ways to raise money for the school.” 

Dr. Marianne Lescher,  Principal

 “The biggest statement I can make is that we continue to go back to Valley Goldmine because of the experience.”                        

David Lamden,  Executive Director